“Gamal has been my preaching partner since college. He has a rare gift to ask the right questions of the text. His insights will be helpful to all who want to get better at preaching.”
Dr C. Wesley Knight, Professor, Oakwood University

“Gamal is an incredibly gifted preacher that I would go miles to listen to. His ability to interpret the scripture with exegetical efficiency and merge seamlessly the sociological essence of life with oratorical pragmatic proficiency is a beauty to listen to.”
Dr Ainsworth K Morris, Senior Pastor, Kansas Avenue SDA Church

“The help I’ve received from Pastor Gamal Alexander’s sermonic building outline has expanded my homiletical vocabulary which has enabled me to preach with more confidence and power. This study guide has not only empowered me in understanding the text for what it is but also making it relevant for our times in a way in which everyone can understand the word of God.”
Neville Lendor, Senior Pastor, Brooklyn, NY

“Every pastor wants to preach well. But the work of producing relevant and meaningful sermons on a weekly basis is challenging even to the best of us. Gamal’s approach to sermon preparation makes consistently good preaching doable for anyone even considering life’s limits on time. I highly recommend him to any pastor desiring of seeing improvement and needing encouragement in this area.”
Damian Chandler, Senior Pastor, Capitol City SDA Church